Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yep, I finished reading the first book of the Bible! Not bad for only 5 days. The Contemporary English Version has made all the difference for me. It makes it so much easier to understand and comprehend.

I read about--

  • The Creation
  • Adam and Eve
  • Noah and the Ark
  • Abraham, Sarah, and the birth of their son, Isaac, at a very old age
  • Isaac, Rebekah, and their twins, Esau and Jacob
  • How Jacob tricked Isaac into giving him his blessing (instead of Esau)
  • Jacob, Leah, and Rachel (and all their descendents)
  • Joseph's brothers selling him
  • Joseph becomes Governor of Egypt and saves his family and nation from famine
  • Death of Jacob and Joseph

Next up... Exodus!

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