Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting started!

I made a quick trip to Walmart today. Not my favorite place, but it's definitely the best store in my area if you're trying to do one-stop shopping. I made a stop by the craft department to see what I could find. Super excited about all the clearance!

I bought all these things for around $22. Probably not the best deal, but I picked up some things I'll hopefully be able to use. I bought some Wilton candy melts (regular price--$2.50), two 2-packs of Wilton decorator's icing (clearance--$2.00 each), a big thing of Wilton sprinkles (clearance--$2.00), eight index card cases (clearance--$0.10), two four-packs animal print bows (clearance--$0.75 each), purple ribbon (clearance--$1.00), two packs "Relax" napkins (clearance--$0.25 each), two ribbon barrettes (clearance--$0.50 each), 6-pack buttons (clearance--$0.50), flower buttons (regular price--$1.97), two spools argyle ribbon (clearance--$0.75 each), two spools sheer wired ribbon (clearance--$1.25 each), and one spool pink polka dot ribbon (regular price--$2.97).

I also got a black frame today from Dollar Tree. It's not pictured.

I have in mind what my first project is going to be. Hopefully I'll have a picture of the finished product to show you soon!

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