Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stay Hydrated!

I'm not a fan of drinking water. I know, I know... terrible, right? I'd much rather have a Diet Coke. Or green tea. Or Fuze. Or ANYTHING except water.

So, my goal is to drink three glasses a day. Yep, just three. Surely I can manage that, right? I made this cute little chart to keep up with my water intake.

I started out using a yellow hilighter. But once my loving husband pointed out that it looked like I was drinking something else (um, like urine), I decided I had to print out another copy and color it blue.

I have it on the fridge so I can color it in as soon as I fill up a glass or grab a bottle. (Notice my Sesame Street magnets--ha! That red blob in the corner is Elmo.) Our tap water tastes awful, so I asked for a Brita pitcher for my birthday last year. Good investment!

It's only Day 2, but so far, so good! I even drank an extra half glass this evening to take my medicine. Maybe I'll up my intake goal as the year goes on, but for now, I'm satisfied with my 3 glasses. Baby steps...

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